Get the right people on
the bus and in the right seat.

- James Collins


We got the right people on our bus & its heading in the right direction.

We believe that recruitment and quality and deeply inter-connected.
A company cannot instill quality parameters if its human factor is misaligned.


SAP based operations, Recently Launched SAPByD (ERP on Cloud)

Ownership and authority at operator level (mistake proofing)

Statistical Process Control-Moving towards Six Sigma levels

In house inspection, testing & quality assurance systems

Green Channel Supplier Certification capabilities

Use of FEA Support during tryout phase

Six Sigma – DMAIC / DFSS methodology

Use of QFD Friendly infrastructure

Lean Manufacturing practices

Just-in-Time manufacturing

EHS responsible


Our mindset -
Follow the process, Quality will follow.


Authorised silver certified Moldflow Consulting Partner

ISO 9001:2015 certified (TUV)

ISO 14001:2015 certified (TUV)

(Sustainability Standard) Compliant