Our approach to
Injection Molding is driven
by a scientific mindset.

We strive to achieve perfection in the molding process by identifying variables that are prone to fluctuations and achieve consistent results.

Our capability to Inject molds is industry agnostic, or as many say it - Versatile. From metal substitution to micro molding, we have overcome challenges with grit and scientific thinking.


Our Capabilities

Success is many small things done well.
Compound it over the years and what we earned is a stellar reputation.

  • In-house CAD-CAM facility
  • Use of FEA Support during tryouts
  • Web base access to process and plant
  • Product design and rapid prototyping capability
  • SAP based operations, Recently Launched SAPByD (ERP on Cloud)
  • Ability to work with multi-cavity high precision auto molds
  • Benchmarking, tie ups with global domain leaders, viz. Sabic, Dupont, Ferromatic Milacron, Electronica, Dukane, Haas, KAessar Technology
  • In Mould Labeling (IML)
  • Single Point Accountability
  • Multi Component/Material Molding
  • Scientific Molding
  • Use of QFD Friendly infrastructure
  • Robotics and Automation steps towards industry 4.0
  • Technology Support by group companies IPPL & Polysmart for design and product development

Our Industry sector
experiences with water tight
IPR protection practices.


Fluid Engineering



Electrical & Electronics

White Goods


Our injection
molding portfolio