Injection Molding to Machining of Plastics

Plastics Engineering
A dynamic workforce, advanced technological facilities, world’s best practice procedures and paramount quality are
the foundation of the Jyoti Group – an innovative leader in the provision of total solutions in the engineering plastics industry.

we are?

Established in the year 1959, the Jyoti Group has propelled itself as a pioneer in the provision of a solution to the corrosive nature of metal components in critical processes in the plastics industry.

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What are our capabilities?

From Injection Moulding to Machining of Plastics, Jyoti Group provides a one-stop solution in the engineering plastics industry.

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Which industries we cater to?

As a one-stop solution provider, we are able to service a wide range of industries including Fluid Engineering, Automobile, Industrial, Medical, Wind Energy, Infrastructure, Electrical & Electronics and White Goods.

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What infrastructure
do we have?

Our three manufacturing plants located within 200 km from Mumbai, in Daman, Dungri and Khadki are the state of the art and the most technologically advanced facilities in Asia.

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